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  1. The last serious food allergy attack I had I bought a new wine didnt think of reading the label.I’m severly allergic to watermelon and it was in the wine I had maybe two sips and to read the label within 3 mins I couldn’t talk. I should get an epipen. I normally use benadryl ,but this was serious. I get the throat tingling and my lips swelling up and closing up in 3 mins ,but this was worse.I wasn’t always allergic to melons I didn’t have food allergies until I was 15. I was told atva young age of 6 or a bit older I might out grow my allergies. I’m 35 I still have take my allergy meds every day to try and manage it.My family is supportive of my allergies and they don’t give me stuff I’m allergic to I also avoid it like the plague. I have other allergies to,if I go to a restraunt I avoid soup and salad I’m allergic to carrots and cuccumber so I don’t those things. If they bring it I avoid it no problem I rather avoid that reaction it’s scary even though I react quickly and take something still. Here’s my advice get an epipen if you have severe allergies like me.

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