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  1. The last serious food allergy attack I had I bought a new wine didnt think of reading the label.I’m severly allergic to watermelon and it was in the wine I had maybe two sips and to read the label within 3 mins I couldn’t talk. I should get an epipen. I normally use benadryl ,but this was serious. I get the throat tingling and my lips swelling up and closing up in 3 mins ,but this was worse.I wasn’t always allergic to melons I didn’t have food allergies until I was 15. I was told atva young age of 6 or a bit older I might out grow my allergies. I’m 35 I still have take my allergy meds every day to try and manage it.My family is supportive of my allergies and they don’t give me stuff I’m allergic to I also avoid it like the plague. I have other allergies to,if I go to a restraunt I avoid soup and salad I’m allergic to carrots and cuccumber so I don’t those things. If they bring it I avoid it no problem I rather avoid that reaction it’s scary even though I react quickly and take something still. Here’s my advice get an epipen if you have severe allergies like me.

  2. Not everyone grows out of Allergies.
    Some people get them late in life my Dad got Tree Pollen Allergies when he retired up North his property was surrounded by trees. He was in his late 60’s. I was diagnosed at age 13 with tree, flower, & grass pollens Allergies. The worst being Ragweed/Goldenrod, Dust, & Mold. Also, Cockroach debris/poop.

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