Allergies and Anxiety


It can be tough growing up with potentially fatal allergies. There just are no two ways about it. When you are in elementary school, usually your parents, teachers, and school staff members have your back and make sure that you are okay. And, when you aren’t in school, your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings look out for you as well. The transition to beginning to deal with your allergies on your own can also be a scary time in the life of someone with serious allergies.

But, because it is something that your parents and others have been preparing you for for years, it isn’t something that you should look at as terrifying. Often, when you reach junior high, your parents will give you a little bit more freedom. And this includes the freedom to begin to take care of and manage different situations in which you might come into contact with your allergen(s). But, as you remember, you knew that you had the tools to do all of this for yourself. You also knew that your parents were there if you ever needed them.

When you get into high school and, more so, university, the expectation is that you should be able to handle managing your allergies for yourself. Here are a few tips to always remember and keep you alert and prepared for all situations. One, and this can’t be emphasized enough, always take your auto-injector with you no matter where you go. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think that you will be eating. Bring it anyway and have it on you not just nearby. Second, make sure someone with you knows how to properly administer your auto-injector should something happen. Last, but by no means least, if you think you are having a reaction, use your auto-injector. You are better safe than sorry!!

Aaron S.


2 thoughts on “Allergies and Anxiety”

  1. Hi, I am wondering – is there training for restaurants or mandatory requirements on them to inform their staff about allergies or even for employers to provide a safe environment for employees? After having had to go to the hospital several times with allergy attacks myself after being assured by restaurants that their food was “safe”, I don’t understand why their excuses are that they didn’t know about allergies and they feel that is an ok excuse. Kind regards, Lisa Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 02:02:55 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m Aaron, the editor of this blog and also someone with allergies. I would guess that different restaurants have different policies. Usually I like to get the manager out or the chef if I don’t feel that a waiter or waitress are taking me seriously in terms of my allergies. For employers, I would address it on day one if possible and let them know that it is not simply a preference but, rather, a serious concern. It has been my experience that whatever department deals with health and safety (HR at a lot of workplaces) would be the best to approach about any concerns.



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